A little bit about our founders


Fareed Ramadan

An established writer and critic, Fareed has maintained his longstanding interest in cinema. The writer of the two most important Bahraini feature films, “A Bahraini tale” (2006) and “Visitor” (2004), currently he is overseeing the pre-production stages of a number of other film scripts which he has developed for international directors from Palestine and the United Arab Emirates. In addition, amongst his notable participations has been his involvement in the acclaimed Torino Film Lab in Italy.

With eight books to his name – translated into English, German and Danish, Fareed’s complex skills have led him into television. He is an expert in television commercials and is recognized for his client understandings and relationships. Always ready to develop a ready partnership, Fareed works to comprehend your needs, target audiences and environment before articulating his art in a form most suited to inducing required business achievements and surpassing expectations. Ramadan’s excellence and ultimate success is the result of both his open-minded approach and international and historical perspective, which enables him to provide unique literary solutions on a par with global norms, taking into consideration the latest trends and tastes.

He has also written eight short film scripts which have been produced and directed by Bahraini and UAE filmmakers. He has participated in numerous regional and international symposia, conferences and film festivals.


Mohammed Rashed Buali

An independent Bahraini filmmaker, Mohammed Rashed Buali, has authored, directed and produced over eight short films and documentaries to date, most of which have been shown at various international festivals around the world. His foray into the film making world first found its impetus in 2006 when he developed a 32-minute film, ‘Baynahum’ or Between Them. Since then, each year, has seen Mohammed cultivate and develop his art further – amongst the most notable participations and about which he feels particularly privileged was his involvement in a master class by the legendary Abbas Kiarostami for whom he directed and produced a silent short, Under the Sky.

He has produced a number of award winning short films and documentaries including Absence, The Good Omen, Canary, Huna London and Reclaim – Winner of the Golden Lion for the 12th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia 2010. Selected as one of the 24 most promising Asian directors amongst 233 put forward for participation in the Busan Film Academy where he participated in writing and directing two Korean short films. Most recently, he was selected by the British Council as the winner of 2012 Young Creative Entrepreneur Award (YCE), participated in the Berlin Talent campus 2013 and won the Shaikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Filmmaking Award 2013.

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